28,000 Cigarettes, £80,000 and 1 Camera Dog
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As part of my work with Trading Standards, I attended a raid on a location somewhere in Westminster.

Intelligence suggested that the location, a hair salon, was effectively a front for the distribution and sale of illicit tobacco.


Along with partners from HMRC and detection dogs from Wagtail, the search uncovered over 28,000 illicit and counterfeit tobacco products and more than £80,000 in cash!


I came along to document the raid on film and my 2nd camera operator was Buster, the sniffer dog. With a GoPro mounted to his back, Buster was able to give me a dog’s eye view as he searched for the tobacco and cash.


Cigarettes hidden in a 'dummy camera' box.

Cigarettes hidden in a ‘dummy camera’ box.

Some effort had clearly been made to disguise the tobacco to sneak it into the country and officers found it hidden inside sealed boxes for other products, such as security cameras and exercise equipment.

It was an exciting experience as a videographer to be a fly on the wall as the raid went on around me, never quite knowing when was going to happen next!

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